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Advance Insurance Testimonials

    My auto insurance has been with State Farm for 7 years. Advance was able to give me the same coverage I had and save me $180.54 every six months. They were professional. My calls and emails were answered promptly. It was nice to speak with the same person throughout the whole process. I was very pleased with my experience.
    I was able to increase my auto coverage's over what I had with USAA and still saved $352.45 every six months. Great job Advance.
    We had our commercial auto coverage with a large carrier you see on TV or hear on the radio all the time. Brad at Advance was able to get me the same coverage's I currently had with an "A" rated carrier and reduce my premium by $1,264.33 per year. In today's tough economic times that made a big difference to our business.
    Service was great. My questions were answered and calls were returned in a timely manner. By getting a Mitigation Inspection on my home I was able to save $683.00 per year on my homeowners insurance. I was disappointed that my previous agent did not make me aware of this. The people at Advance were truly looking out for my interest.
    I had my auto insurance with a large online company. Pat was able to reduce my premium by $63.00 every 6 months and keep the same coverage I had.
    Good Job Advance. You saved me over $700.00 on my home insurance by getting a $90.00 Inspection.
    You truly are the home owners specialist. By getting a mitigation inspection I was able to save over $380.00 per year on my home insurance. This reduced my expected monthly mortgage payment and helped me buy my dream home.
    I recently purchased a boat and was referred to them by the dealer. I checked with one of the large online companies and Advance was able to beat their premium by $63.00 per year and I like the fact that I can go into their office if I need help. I don't have to sit on hold and wait for someone that doesn't know me.
    Go Advance! Thanks for the help and expertise on my commercial property policy. Your premium was a few dollars higher than my previous policy but you took the time to educate me on the process and show me that I really needed more coverage than I actually had. Thanks Again. It was worth it.